privacy policy

easyceph® is a registered trademark and its copyrights are protected and under the name of the Instituto Venezolano de Educación Bioprogresiva C.A. (Venezuelan Institute of Bio-progressive Education C.A.), known hereafter as (The Company). Said Company is located in Caracas, Venezuela and has been registered in the Commercial Registry V on the 17th of October 2003, Volume 823-A, Expedient 493673.

You, known hereafter as (The Client) declare that you are over 18 years of age and legally responsible to agree to the terms and conditions contained herein. By agreeing to this contract The Client declares having read and understood the terms and conditions of use, which are stated as follows.

The Client declares that they possess the professional expertise in the areas required to make use of the cephalometry and cephalometric diagnosis, some of which are orthodontics, orthopaedics, maxillofacial surgery and/or maxillofacial imaging.

The Client will use the tools provided by The Company as they are without alteration, will accept results as diagnostic aids and not as diagnoses as such, freeing The Company of all liability regarding The Client's patients' diagnoses and treatments. The Client accepts to respect, not copy, alter or violate the mathematical algorithms, professional and industrial secrets, innovations, copyrights and trademarks of this product.

The Company only stores information about The Client's patients that is necessary for the program to function properly, such as date of birth, sex, race and name, which enables the program to calculate the norms by age, sex and biotype. No other information is stored or used for any other purpose. Said information is transferred, uploaded and processed, and its incorporation to the system is the sole responsibility of The Client.

If making one tracing there is a computational error, The Company will do whatever is possible to administratively re-establish The Client's state to the way it was before the error occurred, so The Client can redo the job at any cost.

The templates or result views that easyceph® generates must be stored by The Client in his preferred way and place. The Company will try to keep the templates and tracings data in the website for at least one (1) year from the moment that the analysis is generated BUT it is The Client's responsibility to back up and store their data, and it is not The Company's responsibility.

Packages purchased by The Client has one year to expire. When The Client purchases a new package, the remaining quotas are renewed with the new expiration date.

The Company will not be held responsible for direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, emergent or any other damage caused by the use of the program to The Client or any other person or entity, even if The Company has been notified of the possibility of said damage.

The Company can provide technical support only through the website and the emails provided for such purpose and/or the website's means of contact, however, it is necessary that The Client has some knowledge of the professional area, basic computer literacy, image editing programs and browsers in order to ensure the support is effective. Our product has been properly protected against information theft and intrusion and is of reliable use given its security conditions. This product is a trial version and the service is free of charge while the trial period lasts. The use of this product is at The Client’s own risk. In case of misuse or malicious use of this product, its name or company logo, The Company has the right to take legal action and proceed to deny The Client's and their computers access to The Company's servers.

The Company.